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Judicial Externship

Judicial Externship- Law 672
Course Instructor: Professor Alice Noble-Allgire

The Judicial Externship provides a unique opportunity for law students to learn about the legal system by working for a sitting judge. While experiences vary from chambers to chambers, most placements allow externs to hone their research and writing skills while learning how judges make decisions and observing a wide range of courtroom proceedings.

Ryan Keeter
For me, the externship was important because I learned that I can, will, and want to be a lawyer. I became close friends with other interns from Harvard, Yale, NYU, William and Mary, Vanderbilt, Michigan Law, University of Virginia, Saint Louis University, and Washington University and I found that my SIU education, experience, knowledge, work ethic, and growth is on par if not ahead of them. The delta between an SIU Law student and a Harvard law student is not as great as the tuition fees would lead one to believe. What I gained was confidence in a questionable economy and a competitive career field. ~ Ryan Keeter


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