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Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program includes:

1) opportunities for first year students to master the skills of legal analysis needed to
    succeed in law school.

    • All 1L students are in a first semester, first year study group of 8-10 students,
      led by a Taylor Mattis Fellow.

    • The Fellow helps 1L's learn about law school classes, grading, exam protocol, and more.

    • The Fellow offers 1L's the chance to receive one to one feedback on briefing,
      outlining and other skills necessary for success.

2) individual and small group work for 1L students after the first semester and for 2L
    students who find law school particularly challenging.  For more information
     to go to the Academic Success blog.

    • Students have the chance to join optional second semester study groups that focuses on
       reviewing material and preparing for exams.

    • The Director helps students with essay writing and multiple choice strategies among
      other services.

    • The Director maintains a library of study aids for student use.

3) preparation for bar admission and the bar exam. For more assistance re the bar exam,
    go to the general information about the bar exam.