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General Information - MPRE

Q: What is the MPRE? 

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam or MPRE is a sixty question, multiple choice exam about legal and judicial ethics given on selected Fridays or Saturdays in March, August and November by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.  

Not all jurisdictions require the MPRE. Illinois and Missouri do require the MPRE. 

For more information, a study packet, and to register on-line, visit

Students are advised to take the MPRE in August after their second year or in November of their third year. Rely on March as a fall back date in case you much re-take the MPRE.  


Q: When can I take the MPRE? 

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements as to when a law student can sit for the MPRE.   

NOTE: Illinois will not accept your MPRE score if you take the exam before you have earned two-thirds of the credits required to obtain your law degree. 


Q: How do I study for the MPRE? 

There are commercial review courses are available. BarBri and Kaplan PMBR usually offer a taped lecture at the School of Law and a study book containing practice questions. Themis offers an on-line MPRE course. See links to these courses at important websites.

Also, watch a video of Professor Schmitz demonstrating how to analyze MPRE questions------