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Women and Leadership Workshop

This two-day workshop, held during the January intersession, explores the key attributes of leadership and the challanges that women face in the legal profession because of gender differences (both real and perceived).



"Over the course of the Women in Leadership Workshop, I learned that to be a quality woman leader in the legal field, you must be authoritative, but also be a team player, patient and articulate. The workshop reminded me of the skills and attributes that I already possess and introduced me to more individuals who can help me become a stronger leader and strong attorney."

~Maureen Faller, Class of 2012

The course is team-taught by a well-respected faculty of lawyers, judges, and law professors, who encourage students to actively participate through small group discussions, mock negotiations, simulated interviews, and one or more short writing assignments.

Some of the topics discussed during the workshop include:

Leadership attributes and skills

Gender and communication

Gender and negotiation

Gender in the workplace



Developing a personal/professional brand

Balancing career and family

Seeking election to leadership positions

The program concludes with a networking dinner with practicing attorneys and judges from the southern Illinois region.

To learn more about the 2012 dinner, and a reception for the opening of an exhibit, "Early Illinois Women and the Law", click here.

To find out more information about the workshop contact:

Cindy G. Buys


Alice M. Noble-Allgire