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Friday, February 22, 2013

There have been several recent developments pertaining to Guantanamo Bay, ranging from the constitutionality of the process of indefinitely detaining so-called "enemy combatants" to the hurdles faced by the attorneys who have chosen, or been chosen, to represent those detained there.  For years now, Guantanamo Bay has been a focus of the debate about the proper balance between liberty and security.  Despite its unpopularity among many, it appears that Guantanamo Bay, for the time being, is not going away. 

This Symposium and the subsequent issue of the SIU Law Journal will seek to address many of the continuing legal issues surrounding Guantanamo Bay from all viewpoints and provide a platform for legal scholars to present new research and ideas on this important topic.






Confirmed Speakers

Chris Behan: Associate Professor of Law at SIU School of Law; former Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Judge Advocate General's School in Charlottesville, Virginia

Cindy Buys: Professor of Law and Director of International Programs, Southern Illinois University School of Law.

Benjamin Davis, Associate Professor at University of Toledo College of Law, DOD Observer for Guantanamo Bay military commission tribunals

David Frakt, Visiting Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and former Defense Counsel, Office of Military Commissions

David Glazier, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; former research fellow at the Center for National Security Law and US Navy Surface Warfare Officer

William Lietzau, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Rule of Law and Detainee Policy, U.S. Department of Defense (Luncheon Speaker)

Eric Jensen, Associate Professor of Law at Brigham Young University; former US Army Cavalry Officer and Judge Advocate

Michael J. Strauss, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies, Paris – France

Capt. Edward White: JAGC, United States Navy; head of Motions and Appeals Section, Office of the Chief Prosecutor, Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions