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Kate Jamruk

Class of 2016

 Kate Jamruk

Finding your niche in the health law field can be a challenge. Health law careers span from litigation to legislation and can be overwhelming for a law student. I have no interest in litigation, which is frightening because law schools don’t often teach students how to obtain jobs aside from general firm practice. 

I was fortunate enough to find my career path while working this summer at the Illinois Department of Public Health Legal Services (IDPH). My summer fellowship brought me out of the courtroom and into the rule making processes. I assisted in issues including, but not limited to: communicable disease registry and border hospitals, disaster and emergency regulation, isolation and quarantine regulation, and editing administrative rules in various stages of the legislative process. Additionally, I assisted in responding to public comment on various agency bills. I was directly involved in drafting the language that creates the public health infrastructure of Illinois. 

I discovered that my legal passion could be exercised outside of the courtroom. My fellowship at the IDPH taught me that there are countless ways to utilize my Juris Doctorate Degree and Health Law Specialization. Bright legal minds are crucial to the legislative process and rule making is one of many non-traditional legal careers for health law graduates!  

- Kate Jamruk (Class of 2016) (August 2015)