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Legal Globalization & Comparative Law | School of Law | SIU



Legal Globalization & Comparative Law | School of Law | SIU

Legal Globalization & Comparative Law

Legal Globalization & Comparative Law

This course introduces students to the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on cultures and legal systems using different countries and topics of examination as case studies. Students learn about a particular country and a specific legal topic. This might include examination of a country's history, legal systems, culture, and languages. Students travel to the country of examination with their instructor, typically for a period of one week, to continue their studies. Activities in the country of destination might include service learning and other experiential learning opportunities, lectures from foreign academics, business leaders, governmental officials, and attorneys, and visits to legal institutions.

Germany & The Development of International Courts

This course focuses on international legal and political systems with emphasis on Germany. Students and Dean Fountaine (pictured above at Justizpalast München) visit sites of legal and historical significance in Munich, Nuremberg, Luxembourg,and The Hague.

While traveling, the students visit the famous courtroom where the Nuremberg Trials were held, and learn about the significance and lasting impact that the Nuremberg Trials had on the development of international law and international courts. In addition, the students visit and observe proceedings taking place in the European Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, and toured the Peace Palace, home of the United Nations International Court of Justice and the International Court of Arbitration. The group also enjoyed experiencing European culture during the trip. 

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Australia and International Criminal Law

In this course, taught by Professor Lucian Dervan, students study the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on cultures and legal systems using Australia as a case study. Students spent several weeks in class at SIU learning about Australia’s history, legal systems, and culture, and then travel to Sydney, Australia to continue their studies. 

During their 2013 visit, students met with members of U.S. Law Enforcement at the U.S. Consulate, including members of the FBI, Secret Service, IRS Investigative Branch, and Force Protection Detachment. They also met with individuals at Ernst & Young and Baker & McKenzie to learn about the global white collar criminal defense practice. Finally, along with lectures and networking opportunities, the students participated in various cultural events, including a 5K charity fun-run, museum tours, a harbor tour, a tour of the Blue Mountains, and a farewell barbeque at Bondi Beach.
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Professor Dervan and students