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International & Comparative Law

Faculty Advisor: Cindy Buys

To complete the Specialization in International and Comparative Law and receive a transcript notation and certificate acknowledging the completion of the Specialization, students must complete at least 15 credits from the Approved List of International or Comparative Law courses.

The minimum 15 credits must include:

  • International or Comparative Law Courses: at least 9 credits
  • Writing: at least 3 credits
  • Experiential Learning: at least 3 credits

1. Approved List of International and Comparative Courses* (at least 9 credits)

All students take:

  • International Law

Take at least two:

  • International Business Transactions
  • International Criminal Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Senior Writing Seminar: International Human Rights
  • Senior Writing Seminar: Global Climate Change
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Current Developments: International Intellectual Property and Economic Development
  • Senior Writing Seminar: Comparative Law
  • Senior Writing Seminar: International White Collar Crime
  • Legal Globalization and Comparative Law
  • Summer Study Abroad approved by the faculty advisor for International and Comparative Law Specialization**
  • Art Law
  • Other law course (approved by faculty advisor)
  • Relevant graduate-level courses in other departments at Southern Illinois University that have an international or comparative component may also count, subject to the approval of the faculty advisor. Only one non-law course may count towards this requirement for the Specialization.

*Course list is subject to change depending upon availability.

**Participation in a Study Abroad Program in which a student earns six credit hours will count as two courses for purposes of the Course requirements

2. Writing

At least 3 credits earned in a course that requires in-depth research and writing about an international or comparative law-related topic. The student may satisfy this requirement with any of the following:

  • Senior Seminar
  • Independent Study (approved by faculty advisor for International and Comparative   Law Specialization)
  • Writing an article as a staff member of the Journal of Legal Medicine or the SIU Law Journal.  

3. Experiential Learning

At least 3 credits earned in a course that provides a skills/experiential learning component.  The student may satisfy this requirement with any of the following:

  • International Business Transactions
  • Externship with an international law-related entity
  • Study Abroad Program
  • Participation in a moot court competition with an international or comparative law problem
  • Pro bono work on an international law-related matter (service hours equivalent to the hours required for a 3-credit hour course)
  • Similar experiences as approved by the faculty advisor for International and Comparative Law Specialization.

Courses cannot be double-counted to satisfy the requirements of more than one component. For example, if a student takes a senior writing seminar to satisfy the Writing component of the Specialization, that course cannot also count toward the minimum of 9 credit hours of the Coursework component.