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Doctor of Medicine

The JD/MD program requires students to spend their first year at the School of Law in Carbondale, where they will complete 32 credit hours of prescribed first-year course work. Students then will enroll in the law school summer session and complete six credit hours of advanced course work. During the second academic year, students will continue in Carbondale as full-time law students, completing an additional 32 credit hours of course work with concentration in health law.

Enrollment in a second summer session will be required, during which time students will complete six credit hours of course work. This session may include legal research and clinical experience in state or federal agencies involved in the regulation of public health and the activities of the medical profession. Students will spend their third academic year enrolled as freshmen in the School of Medicine in Carbondale, where they will complete all requirements of the first year of the medical school curriculum. Students then will move to Springfield, where they will continue as full-time medical students, completing the sophomore and junior years of the curriculum.

During the senior year of medical school, students will be required to take a specially designed set of law, medicine, and health policy electives lasting 14 week, full-time. In completing degree requirements for both the M.D. and J.D. degrees, this 14-week elective sequence will serve to fulfill 14 credit hours of course work required for attainment of the J.D. degree and 14 weeks of elective course work required for attainment of the M.D. degree.

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