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Illinois Innocence Project

Under the direction of Professor William A. Schroeder and Associate Professor Christopher W. Behan, students at the SIU School of Law work with the Illinois Innocence Project to help exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners.

Law students participating in Spring semester 2011, from left: Christine Hummert, Heather Dragoo,Jennifer Donnelly, Amanda Reed, Angela Rollins, and Nicole LaForte. With the students are, from left,Professor William A. Schroeder and Assistant Professor Christopher W. Behan. Photo by Chelsea Sturgeon.

The innocence project reviews evidence and uses post-conviction advanced forensic DNA testing. Evidence is reviewed for eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, ineffective counsel, unreliable forensic evidence and misconduct by prosecutors and police. If a case is taken the services are provided for free.

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