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Spring 2011 Grade Distribution

All course grades are to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for all courses taken in the School of Law on or before the earlier of the following: four weeks from the date of the scheduled examination or the due date of the last graded exercise or activity in the course or the Wednesday immediately preceding the first day of regularly scheduled classes for the next semester.   For summer courses, grades must be submitted no later than the latter of three weeks from the date a final was given, three weeks from the due date of the last graded exercise or activity in the course, or first day of fall classes.

Final course grades will be posted via the SalukiNet at http://salukinet.siu.edu/

To view the grade distribution sheet for each course, click on the course number/name below.   Enter your Network ID (i.e., siu85xxxxxxx) and Password.  If you are prompted for a "domain", enter "CD" in the box.  If you are not provided a place to enter a domain and it does not let you in when you click enter, you may need to type "cd\" before your Network ID.   

Spring 2011 Grade Distribution Sheets:

LAW 504A-001/004

LAW 504A-002/005

LAW 504A-003/006

LAW 505-001

LAW 505-002

LAW 512-001

LAW 512-002

LAW 513A-001

LAW 513A-002

LAW 523-001

LAW 523-002

LAW 524-001/002

LAW 526-001/002

LAW 531-001/002

LAW 533-001/002

LAW 536-001

LAW 537-001

LAW 537-002

LAW 537-003

LAW 537-004

LAW 537-005

LAW 537-006

LAW 540-001/002

LAW 543-001/002

LAW 546-001/002

LAW 552-001

LAW 553-001/002

LAW 559-001/002

LAW 577-001/002

LAW 580-001

LAW 580-002

LAW 583-001/002

LAW 585-001

LAW 587-001

LAW 590-004

LAW 593-001/002

LAW 594-001/002

LAW 600-001

LAW 601-001/002

LAW 605-001/002

LAW 607-001/002

LAW 609-001

LAW 622-001

LAW 636-001

LAW 642-001/002

LAW 650-001