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Information for Employers

Why Hire SIU Law Graduates?

Students and graduates of our nationally ranked school demonstrate the nimble thinking, versatility and savvy know-how that translates into professional longevity-the chance to shape their careers to fit their passions.  It’s the result of learning from faculty with deep connections to the profession, as well as global ties that empower our students to take their learning beyond borders and to another level.  Not only are they ready for anything-they’re ready to go anywhere.  And they do.

Services for employers

The Career Services Office offers the following services to prospective employers of our students, recent graduates, and alumni.

If we can be of any assistance to you or your employer, please contact us by phone at (618) 453-8763, by fax at (618) 453-8769, or by e-mail at

Alternative Interviewing Options

In addition to interviewing students on campus through our Fall and Spring On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) programs, employers can interview students at the School of Law via:

  • web-based software (Skype, Google Hangout);
  • telephone; and
  • video conferencing equipment.

With enough planning and time, students can also travel and interview at a location closer to the employer or at the employer’s office.

For assistance in scheduling an alternate interview option, please email or call 618.453.8763.

Job Postings

The Career Services Office uses Symplicity CSM to post all job opportunities for School of Law students and alumni. All job postings are shared with our out-of state, in-state, and market sector law student organizations.

In addition, regional (IL, KY, TN, IN, and MO) job postings are also posted on the Career Services blog and listed in a weekly email to law students and recent graduates.

Employers can create an account and post job opportunities directly on Symplicity CSM or email us a job description at or fax us at 618.453.8732.

On Campus Interviews (OCI)

Employers have the opportunity to interview law students on the campus of Southern Illinois University during On Campus Interviewing sessions in the Spring and Fall semesters.

The Career Services Office assists employers with:

  • selecting the best interview dates and times
  • creating an interviewing schedule
  • advertising opportunities to law students
  • collecting student resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and other required information
  • other logistics including room reservation and parking

Students apply for interview slots through Symplicity CSM. Students learn about employers coming to OCI through Symplicity CSM, the Career Services Announcements, the Career Services Bulletin Board, and the Career Services Blog.

Resume Books

Resume Books are collections of resumes that have been uploaded into Symplicity CSM by law students, recent graduates, and alumni who have chosen to release their resume for employers to view. Resume Books increase student and alumni exposure to employers because instead of waiting for the student or alum to do something (like register for an OCI or submit a resume for a position) the employer can simply log in to CSM and view the student or alumi’s resume.

The Career Services Office makes this process even easier by organizing Resume Books into groups like “Students interested in real estate law” or “Alumni interested in bankruptcy law”.

Employers registered in the Career Services Office Symplicity CSM system have access to all Resume Books.

Employers who need assistance getting registered in Symplicity CSM can contact the Career Services Office at by phone at (618) 453-8763, by fax at (618) 453-8769, or by e-mail at

Resume Collections

The Career Services Office offers a resume collection service to employers who have an open intern, summer, or full-time position. These employers may have not yet decided to interview or may be conducting interviews in-house instead of on-campus (OCI).

The resume collection service is not limited to resumes and can include cover letters, unofficial transcripts, and writing samples.

The Career Services Office will also assist employers with selecting the best resume collection dates and advertising the resume collection to law students. Employers are free to contact students selected through the resume collection process directly.

Students submit the employer required information to the Career Services Office via email. Students learn about resume collection opportunities through the Career Services Announcements, the Career Services Bulletin Board, and the Career Services Blog.


Employer feedback is valued at the Career Services Office. We encourage employers to complete one of our employer surveys to let us know:

  • how our students are performing in the interview process;
  • what skills they value most in the job market; and
  • their assessment of the legal job market in their geographic region.

To complete a survey, download the fillable .pdf file and return it via email at, via fax at 618-453-8769, or by mail at Career Services, SIU School of Law,1150 Douglas Drive, Carbondale, Illinois 62901.