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Symplicity Career Services Manager

Symplicity Career Services Manager (CSM) is a web-based service that the Career Services Office offers for free to all students, recent graduates, and alumni. The Career Services Offices uses CSM to:

  • communicate job postings to students and alumni;
  • schedule on-campus interviews (OCI);
  • collect summer, graduate, and alumni surveys; and
  • collect resumes for resume books.

Students, alumni, and employers can access CSM at:

Symplicity CSM is also used by over 90% of ABA-approved law schools nationwide. Students and alumni can request access to other law school’s CSM sites through a process called reciprocity.

Passwords are given to students and alumni in the first year of law school. Students must complete their profile to gain full access to the system.

Employers will receive an e-mail message with log-in information that will allow them to post open positions and fill out their employer profile.  

The School of Law does not accept positions posted by third party agencies or “blind” job postings.