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SIH/SIU Health Policy Institute

First Annual SIH/SIU Health Policy Institute
Managed Care: Evolution or Extinction? (May 20 and 21, 1999)

Managed Care: Evolution or Extinction?
“The ongoing frenzy of managed care companies to merge into ever larger, ever more unmanageable entities is a death dance to stave off the inevitable: the mega-HMO model has failed, a victim of its own contradictions. As HMOs consolidate into an industry structure that resembles the behemoth indemnity insurers of a generation ago, they are forced to devote their energies on managing simple execution: the uniform collection of premiums and payment of claims. … It works fine where all the businesses have to do is collect premiums and pay claims; the pot thickens when these same behemoths purport to manage care.”
—J.D. Kleinke, from Bleeding Edge: The Business of Health Care in the New Century


Madge Kaplan
Marketplace, WGBH Radio, Boston
Presentation: The Unbearable Confusion of Consumers and Managed Care: A Journalist’s View

J.D. Kleinke, M.S.B.
Health Strategies Network, Denver, Colorado
Presentation: Is There Life After Capitation?: The U.S. Health Care System After the Managed Care Revolution

Richard Popiel, M.D.
Permanente Company, Oakland, California
Presentation: The Value of Health Care Integration and Its Future Role

Robert L. Schwartz, J.D.
University of New Mexico School of Law
Presentation: The Law and Managed Care: Why Doctors and Lawyers are Suddenly Friends

Donald A. Young, M.D.
American Association of Health Plans, Washington, D.C.
Presentation: Managed Care: What Does the American Public Want?