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Cost and Aid

Financial support from the State of Illinois combined with a generous program of scholarships for both incoming and current students allow graduates of the SIU School of Law to enjoy an average debt load that is below the national law school average. Students can qualify for the in-state resident tuition rate after they have been an Illinois resident for six consecutive months. Student loans and work-study opportunities are administered by the university's Financial Aid Office. Information concerning in-state resident applications, loans, and financial aid procedures may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

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SIU School of Law offers competitive admissions scholarships up to full tuition. Scholarships are awarded to incoming students who demonstrate a high aptitude for the study of law. In addition, incoming students whose permanent state of residency is outside of Illinois may be eligible to receive a Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship, which will offset the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition.

See a list of additional scholarships and awards for which enrolled SIU School of Law students may apply.

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