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Qualifying for Illinois Residency

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a state-supported institution. Although our non-resident tuition rate is much lower than that of most private schools, it is considerably higher than the resident tuition rate. However, our policy permits students to change their classification status from non-resident to Illinois resident.

To be classified as an Illinois resident and begin paying in-state tuition for the appropriate semester (and subsequent semesters), you must meet the necessary State of Illinois and SIU School of Law residency requirements by the following deadlines:

July 18, 2014 for Spring 2015
December 15, 2014 for Summer 2015
February 24, 2015 for Fall 2015

There are three steps to the process of determining and establishing residency for the State of Illinois and SIU School of Law. They are listed below.

Step 1: Determine which classification you fit into.

SIU School of Law residency requirements

If you want to be considered an Illinois resident for the purposes of paying in-state tuition, then you must fall into one of the following three classifications:

1. You will have resided in Illinois for six (6) consecutive months. All documents listed below must be valid for six months before the semester you wish to pay in-state tuition.

Required Documentation

a. Copy of signed lease or rental agreement (including leasing start date which must begin prior to above deadline, address of property, names on lease, and signature) 

b. Copy of your Illinois driver's license or state identification card (state ID can only be used if you do not have a driver’s license) 

c. Copy of your Illinois voter registration card or application receipt

d. Copy of your vehicle registration (if you are the sole owner, your vehicle must be registered in Illinois)

2. Son/Daughter (regardless of age) or spouse of Illinois resident (your spouse or parent currently resides and owns/leases property in Illinois)

Required Documentation

a. Copy of lease or tax bill showing that all taxes or payments have been paid

b. Copy of your birth/marriage certificate indicating your relationship to the property owner/lessor

c. Copy of your spouse/parent Illinois driver's license or state identification card

3. Member (and/or dependent of spouse) of the U.S. Armed Forces living/stationed in Illinois (entered the Armed Forces as an Illinois resident or you are stationed in Illinois by the Armed Forces)

Required Documentation

a. Copy of orders for member, dependent or spouse.

Step 2: According to your classification, determine State of Illinois required documents needed for registration.

Illinois Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicles Requirements
(Effective July 1, 2010)

First-time Illinois Driver’s License/ID Card Applicant = An applicant applying for a driver’s license or ID card for the first time in Illinois must present Acceptable Identification Documents required by the Secretary of State's office. Please note that photocopies are not accepted!

All applicants must supply the following documents:

• one document that satisfies each of Group A, B and C
• two documents that satisfy Group D (one document from Group D if applicant is under age 5 applying for an ID card; one document if applicant is applying for a no-fee ID card presenting a Homeless Status Certification)

Visit www.cyberdriveillinois.com for a list of Illinois Driver Services information forms needed for vehicle title and registration, and voter registration. Also, you may find the nearest Secretary of State facility to you as it is not required that you visit the Carbondale facility to obtain your Illinois driver's license/ID card, voter card, or vehicle registration.

It is only necessary to change your vehicle registration if you are the sole name on the title of the vehicle.

Step 3. Complete residency application and official documents.

SIU School of Law residency requirements

Once you meet the requirements listed, please visit complete our Residency Application. Do not sign the application until you are in the presence of a Notary Public. A member of the law school staff can notarize this for you at no charge.

Residency applications and copies of all supporting documentation need to be submitted to Lisa David in the School of Law Office of Admissions within sixty (60) days after the listed deadline.

SIU School of Law Office of Admissions
Lesar Law Building
1150 Douglas Drive; Suite 104
Carbondale, IL

If you have any questions about obtaining Illinois residency, please email Lisa David at ldavid@law.siu.edu or telephone her at 618/453-8858.

updated October 21, 2014