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May 15, 2009

Peter C. Alexander, “The Six-Year Honeymoon.” 40 University of Toledo Law Review 273–78 (2009).

Cheryl Anderson, “Ideological Dissonance, Disability Backlash, and the ADA Amendments Act” [accepted for publication in Wayne Law Review]

Christopher W. Behan, “Everybody Talks? Evaluating the Admissibility of Coercively Obtained Evidence in Trials by Military Commission.” 48 Washburn Law Journal 563-616 (2009).

Cindy G. Buys, “Introduction to the Central States Law Schools Association 2008 Conference.” 33 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 177-79 (2009).

John F. Erbes –Presentation on Elder Law for the “Multi-Disciplinary Certificate Program in Geriatrics for Non-Physicians”. The program was co-sponsored by the University of Illinois and the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois.

Frank G. Houdek —Two presentations at American Association of Law Libraries Conference in Washington, D.C., July 2009

• Panelist, “Writer’s Workshop”
• Panelist, “The Academic Law Library of 2015: Predicting the Future and Making It Happen”

Marshall Kapp, “Foreword” to Medical Ethics and the Elderly, edited by Gurcharan S. Rai, xi–xii. 3d ed. Oxford & New York: Radcliffe Publishing, 2009.

Two presentations at the International Congress on Law and Mental Health sponsored by the International Academy of Law and Mental Health in New York.

• "Liability Issues in Determining Decisional Capacity in Older Persons With Dementia, Depression, or Delirium" 
• "Medical Decision Making for Decisionally Incapacitated Elders: Is 'Best Interests' in the Patient's Best Interests?"

Sue Liemer, “Did Your Legal Writing Professor Go to Harvard? The Credentials of Legal Writing Faculty at Hiring Time.” 46 Louisville Law Journal 383-436 (2008) (with Hollee S. Temple).

Two presentations:
• On her chapter topic, “Anglo-Saxon Legal References in Harry Potter,” from the book The Law and Harry Potter, at the Legal Writing Institute's conference on Applied Legal Storytelling in July.
• At the bi-ennial conference of the Association of Legal Writing Directors, she, along with co-author Hollee Temple (from West Virginia University), presented the results of their study on the Credentials of Legal Writing Professors at Hiring Time, which was published in the Louisville Law Review.

Trish McCubbin, “EPA’s Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases and the Potential Duty to Adopt National Ambient Air Quality Standards to Address Global Climate Change.” 33 Southern Illinois University Law Journal (2009) [IN PRESS]; and

“Symposium Introduction: Contemporary Issues at the Intersection of Public Health and Environmental Law.” 33 Southern Illinois University Law Journal (2009) [IN PRESS].

Alice Noble-Allgire, “Notice and Opportunity to Repair Construction Defects: An Imperfect Response to the Perfect Storm.” 43 Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal 729-796 (2009).

Mark Schultz
Named a Searle-Kauffman Fellow on Law, Innovation, and Growth for 2009–10. The Fellowship is a joint project of the Kauffman Foundation and Northwestern University Law School’s Searle Center. The purpose of the fellowship is to “develop scholars who are interested in building a research agenda on issues related to the institutions of economic growth.” The fellowship allows Mark to attend three meetings of the Searle-Kauffman Institute on Law, Innovation, and Growth this year and next where he will work with other scholars to develop his research agenda, in which he will be focusing on “comparative institutional analysis, exploring the institutions that in concert with intellectual property allow creative industries to thrive and foster economic growth and individual empowerment in developing economies.” Mark is one of only 16 fellows chosen to participate in the Institute.

Sheila Simon —Three separate conference presentations:

• May: Workshop on Innovative Teaching Methods and Materials at Washburn Law School. Panel: “Getting Started and Getting Done,” about writing books
• July: Yes We Carnegie conference, John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Panel that focused on teaching practical skills throughout the curriculum
• August: SEALS conference, Florida. Panel: Assessing Student Performance: The Why, What and How of Student Assessment