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September 21, 2009

Students in Associate Professor Mark Schultz’s International Intellectual Property Policy and Economic Development
seminar class will meet and interact with experts from London, Paris and Botswana this semester. And there is no travel involved.
Five guest speakers, the SIU School of Law 2009 Distinguished Visiting Fellows in Intellectual Property Law, appearing remotely
via Skype videophone projected onto a screen in the classroom, will present recent papers or works-in-progress.

The format of the seminar combines a class with a speaker series which enhances the learning experience of students
by giving them a chance to interact with a diverse group of experts whose work they have read and critiqued. The format also 
serves the scholarly purpose of bringing in scholars to interact with faculty, who can also attend. Students get the first
opportunity to comment and question before opening the floor to academics.Guest speaker presentations are open to all
law students.

The SIU School of Law 2009 Distinguished Visiting Fellows in Intellectual Property Law include:

Monday, September 21

Technology Transfer and the Economic Implications of the Strengthening of Intellectual Property Rights
in Developing Countries

Douglas Lippoldt
Head of Division(acting)
Development Division
Trade and Agriculture Directorate
Oganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Paris, France

Wednesday, September 23

A Tale of Two Development Agendas

Peter K. Yu
Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law
Director, Intellectual Property Law Center
Drake University Law School
Des Moines, Iowa

Monday, October 12

Keeping It Real - protecting the world's poor from fake drugs

Julian Harris
Research Fellow
International Policy Network
London, United Kingdom

Wednesday, October 14

International Cross-Currents: Imposing or Thwarting Access to Medicine

Cynthia M. Ho
Clifford E. Vickrey Research Professor
Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Program
Loyola University School of Law
Chicago, Illinois

Monday, November 30th

Protecting Culture and Bio-Diversity in Developing Countries

John Kiggundu
Professor of Law
University of Botswana
Gabarone, Botswana