Dervan joins Research Coordination Network on Plea Bargaining

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Dervan joins Research Coordination Network on Plea Bargaining

July 17, 2013

Assistant Professor Lucian Dervan

Assistant Professor Lucian Dervan has been invited to join a Research Coordination Network regarding plea bargaining funded by the National Science Foundation.

The research network, which is being convened to spur more research on guilty pleas, includes twenty-nine members from across the United States representing the fields of law, criminology, sociology, economics, psychology, and political science.

According to the National Science Foundation, the goal of their Research Coordination Network program is “to advance a field or create new directions in research or education by supporting groups of investigators to communicate and coordinate their research, training and educational activities across disciplinary, organizational, geographic and international boundaries.”

The research network on plea bargaining is divided into three “Cores” – Prosecution, Courtroom, and Defense. Professor Dervan is a member of the Defense Core.

Dervan is a nationally recognized scholar in the area of plea bargaining. A selection of his articles appears below. He also maintains The Plea Bargaining Blog

This past spring, Dervan received Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s campus-wide Early Career Faculty Excellence Award. The award recognizes faculty within their first five years at SIU Carbondale for “significant contributions throughout the year” to their discipline or the University community. The award recognizes excellence in scholarship, teaching, and other professional activities.

Professor Dervan joined the Southern Illinois University School of Law faculty in 2009 and focuses his teaching and scholarship on both domestic and international criminal law.

Selected Publications

"The Innocent Defendant's Dilemma: An Innovative Empirical Study of Plea Bargaining's Innocence Problem." 103 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology (2013) (IN PRESS) (with Vanessa A. Edkins).

"White Collar Over-Criminalization: Deterrence, Plea Bargaining, and the Loss of Innocence." 101 Kentucky Law Journal (2013) (IN PRESS).

"Pleading Innocents: Laboratory Evidence of Plea Bargaining’s Innocence Problem." 21 Current Research in Social Psychology (2013) (with Vanessa A. Edkins),

“Bargained Justice: Plea Bargaining’s Innocence Problem and the Brady Safety-Valve.” 2012 Utah Law Review 51-97.

“Over-Criminalization 2.0: The Role of Plea Bargaining.” Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy 645-655 (2011).

"The Surprising Lessons from Plea Bargaining in the Shadow of Terror." 27 Georgia State University Law Review 239-298 (2011).

"Plea Bargaining’s Survival: Financial Crimes Plea Bargaining, A Continued Triumph in a Post-Enron World." 60 Oklahoma Law Review 451-489 (2007) (Lead Article).