Employment Success for SIU Law Grads

Southern Illinois University



Employment Success for SIU Law Grads

April 12, 2014

According to recently released employment data from the American Bar Association for 2013 graduates, SIU Law graduates ranked #20 nationally (out of 201 law schools) in job placement in full-time, long-term, bar-pass-required, non-law school-funded jobs.* 
We are proud of our recent graduates and delighted that employers continue to recognize the outstanding training an SIU law degree represents.
Whatever their career goals, we give our students the experiences they need to be successful. Even as changes reshape the legal profession, our students have the agility and determination to work with and through change. And when they graduate, they enter their careers with a respected degree and real momentum.
*The ranking was created by Matt Leichter based on the data posted by the American Bar Association.