Assistant Professor Michael Koehler publishes new book on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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Assistant Professor Michael Koehler publishes new book on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

June 18, 2014

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Assistant Professor Michael Koehler recently published a book, "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a New Era” (Edward Elgar Publishers).  

Although the FCPA is not a new law, in 2010 U.S. government regulators declared a “new era” of FCPA enforcement, and the FCPA has thus emerged as a top legal and compliance concern for companies – both public and private and across a variety of industry sectors – doing business in the global marketplace.

Professor Koehler’s book dissects the new era of FCPA enforcement, and readers from the boardroom, to the courtroom, to the classroom will benefit from the book which places the FCPA’s new era in context and provides a practical and provocative analysis of the FCPA, its enforcement, and related topics.

Readers will confront the FCPA’s statutory text, legislative history, judicial decisions and enforcement agency guidance. In addition, over seventy FCPA enforcement actions are discussed, and useful tables and charts concerning a variety of FCPA enforcement topics are included throughout the book.  

SIU School of Law Dean Cynthia Fountaine notes, “I am proud of Professor Koehler’s significant accomplishment in the publication of this book. We are very fortunate to have the leading expert on the FCPA here at SIU during this “new era” of its enforcement. The publication of this book will mean that students, practitioners, and scholars around globe can also benefit from his expertise and passion on this subject.”

The book has already earned rave reviews from a variety of readers.

“Professor Koehler has brought to this volume the clear-eyed perspective that has made his FCPA Professor website the most authoritative source for those seeking to understand and apply the FCPA. This is a uniquely useful book, laying out systematically the history and rationale of the FCPA, as well as its evolution into a structure governed as much by lore as by law. It will be valuable both to those who counsel international corporations, whether in connection with immediate crises or long-term strategies; and to those who contemplate what the FCPA has become, and how it can be improved.”  Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey

“This is the single most comprehensive academic treatment of the Foreign Corrupt Practices available. Professor Koehler’s book will become the authoritative standard for the field. The book not only treats the history of the FCPA, but analyzes the statute’s elements in detail, discusses current cases, and makes proposals for reforms where the current law is deficient. The book is written in a clear, accessible style and I will use it often as a resource for my own scholarly work.”  Professor Daniel Chow, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

“An excellent and thought-provoking book by a great expert. Backed up by rigorous analysis of cases, Professor Koehler constantly challenges those involved in anti-corruption work by asking the question ‘why?’ He puts forward many constructive and well-argued suggestions for improvements that need to be considered. I have learned a lot from Professor Koehler over the years and I can thoroughly recommend this book.”  Richard Alderman, former Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office

"With clear, easy to understand writing, Professor Koehler covers all necessary subjects relating to the FCPA and anti-bribery provision from the foundation of the Foreign Corruption Practice Act, through its enforcement, to compliance programs.  Through in-depth coverage of both the theoretical and practical aspects, Professor Koehler's book is written in such a way as to equally serve both the expert in the field of anti-bribery and corruption, as well as the student introduced to the subject for the first time.  I was privileged to be a law student in the first FCPA course ever to be taught in a Law School in America, and Professor Koehler's pre-printed book was the backbone of the course."  SIU School of Law student Ram Sidi

As Professor Koehler describes, “throughout the book, readers will assemble a pair of ‘FCPA goggles’ and learn compliance pointers and risk-assessment strategies that can lessen the likelihood of FCPA violations from occurring when doing business in the global marketplace. In this way, the book provides a toolkit that readers can use to better understand the FCPA, its enforcement, and the many legal and policy issues present in this new era.”

To order a hard copy of the book, see here and here; to order an e-copy of the book, see here and here