Two SIU law students co-author article about United Nations with Professor Cindy Buys

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Two SIU Law students co-author article about United Nations with Professor Cindy Buys

August 11, 2014

SIU law students Julia Wykoff and Chad Zoelzer co-authored an article with Professor Cindy Buys about developments in the United Nations (U.N.) and other international organizations during 2013.

"United Nations and Other International Organizations," appears in ABA International Legal Developments Year-in-Review: 2013, vol. 48, 505-512. Chicago: American Bar Association, 2014. Mark Wojcik was also a co-author.

Buys, who is the Director of International Law Programs at SIU School of Law, has served as co-editor of the American Bar Association's International Legal Developments Year-in-Review since 2012.

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"WJulia Wykofforking with Professor Buys on this article made me realize how lucky SIU students are to have opportunities to engage in out-of-class activities with our professors. I believe SIU is truly unique in this regard, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to write an article on real-world issues with scholars in the international law community. Professor Buys and the entire faculty at SIU go above and beyond to see their students succeed."

Julia Wykoff, Class of 2015 

"MChad Zoelzery work on this article allowed to me to apply the knowledge and skills I learned in Professor Buys’ International law course and analyze how the United Nations aims to create international resolutions that help solve global conflicts. This article opened my eyes to the many problems and struggles facing people throughout the world. In learning about the many issues facing the United Nations in 2013, I gained perspective about how fortunate all of the students here at SIU are in gaining a legal education and working with excellent faculty."

Chad Zoelzer, Class of 2015

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