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Giovanni Randazzo

Class of 2004

Giovanni Randazzo

Deputy Legal Counsel, Office of the Senate President and Legal Counsel to the Senate Executive Committee and the Committee on Executive Appointments

"I believe that my work ethic and the ability to communicate a problem and possible solutions have helped me succeed.  I am also a strong believer in working with others toward a common goal.  For example, my Caucus has a large supermajority but I do not try to merely rely on that to fix problems, I work with the other side and House to find consensus where we can."

Educational Background:

J.D., SIU School of Law

B.A., University of Illinois at Springfield

What do you like most about your work?

The policy aspects of the legislature and the chance to help people are my favorite parts of my job. The General Assembly has a great ability to right wrongs, settle disputes, and to hopefully make life better for the people of this great State. The legislature is also a great place to work because of the many diverse issues and people that I work with on a daily basis.  A former President often referred to the General Assembly as a great university because people from every part of the State comes to Springfield to address issues as diverse as the people themselves, that makes this a pretty enriching place.  I also love a good debate and for me there is nothing like steeping on to the august Senate floor and hearing people debate the issues our State faces.

Tell us what has helped you be successful:

I find that one’s success is tied to the time a person spends working on an issue.  One of the greatest pieces of advice I received is: “Giovanni, you just have to outwork the other guy.”  I believe in that advice marrow deep.  As for sacrifices, I would say there have been some but I have a wonderful wife and great kids who love me and that’s everything.

Do you have any advice for law students and recent grads?

You just have to outwork the other person, but always be ethical and remember that you represent not only your client, but your family, your firm, your school and yourself.