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Vikas S. Dhar

Class of 2003

Vikas S. Dhar
Dhar Law, LLP in Boston

In 2010, I founded Dhar Law, LLP in Boston, where our primary focus was to further our profession and the cause of justice. My brother, Vilas, and I formed our firm in with a specific vision – to merge the litigation practice that I developed from several years as a partner with a boutique Boston firm with his expertise in technology and transactional work as a corporate attorney. By pooling our collective talents and resources, we expected to contribute a substantial portion of our practices to “community lawyering” – working directly with local, national and international groups to provide expert legal assistance to various non-profit initiatives and in performing varied pro bono work. This concept was fueled by my time at SIU, and the law school's tradition of being "established in the public interest, serving the public good."  

We have found that our vision has been extremely attractive to both established and new attorneys. In the process of growing our firm, we have reinforced in our attorneys a commitment to engage with our communities on a daily basis - whether through providing pro bono legal services, by supporting local neighborhood and town organizations, by providing assistance to new arts programs, or by helping entrepreneurs build community businesses. Our pro bono clients include organizations focusing on urban redevelopment, global health NGO's, indigent clients without access to counsel and asylum applicants, and non-commercial organizations pushing the frontiers of technology research.

We were recently requested to advise School of Leadership-Afghanistan (SOLA), an organization whose goal is to prepare Afghan students for study in the U.S., placing special emphasis on creating necessary conditions for ambitious young women to pursue their studies. We also represent the Milana Foundation, a non-profit aimed at raising the social and economic status of impoverished people in India. Vilas recently led a firm trip to Haiti, advising NGOs and governmental institutions on best practices for fair and democratic elections and associated rule of law work. 

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