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Steven J. Macias' Publications


"Jurisprudence in Early America, 1750–1850.” In A Companion to American Legal History, edited by Sally Hadden and Alfred L. Brophy. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012 [IN PRESS].


"Summary of Illinois Law: Statutory Interpretation." 37 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 845-874 (2013).

"Adolescent Identity Versus the First Amendment: Sexuality and Speech Rights in the Public Schools." 49 San Diego Law Review 791-822 (2012).

"Viewing Law as Cultural Politics in the Promotion of Gay Equality." 19 Law and Sexuality 175-180 (2010).

"The Huck Finn Syndrome in History and Theory: The Origins of Family Privacy." 12 Journal of Law and Family Studies 87-150 (2010).

"Rorty, Pragmatism, and Gaylaw: A Eulogy, A Celebration, and A Triumph." 77 UMKC Law Review 85-117 (2008).


Review of Ellen Holmes Pearson, Remaking Custom: Law and Identity in the Early American Republic (2011). 62 Journal of Legal Education 367-376 (2012).

Review of Peter Charles Hoffer, A Nation of Laws: America’s Imperfect Pursuit of Justice (2010). 28 Law and History Review1097-1099 (2010).

Review of The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law(Roger K. Newman ed., 2009). 28 Law and History Review 567-569 (2010).