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Melissa J. Marlow's Publications


"Does Kingsfield Live? Teaching with Authenticity in Today’s Law Schools." 65 Journal of Legal Education 229-241 (2015).

"Law Faculties: Moving Beyond Operating as Independent Contractors to Form Communities of Teachers." 38 Ohio Northern Law Review 243-255 (2011).

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"In-Class Exercises That Foster Student Collaboration." 15Second Draft: Bulletin of the Legal Writing Institute 13-14 (June 2001).

"Shakespeare in Law: How the Theater Department Can Enhance Lawyering Skills Instruction." 8 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing 108-113 (2000).

"Effective Assessment: Detailed Criteria, Check-Grading, and Student Samples." 14 Second Draft: Bulletin of the Legal Writing Institute 6-7 (November 1999).