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Andrew Purcell

Andrew Purcell, J.D., 2013

Hometown: Bridgeton, Missouri
Undergraduate: Speech Communication, KcKendree University

What do you like/enjoy about your experience at the SIU School of Law?

I enjoy the opportunities that I have had at SIU Law. It is nice to be able to get to know the professors in another capacity besides simply a lecturer. I also enjoy the diverse set of student organizations that are available specifically for law students. I like the fact that our school and its resources are sequestered from the main part of the university, but at the same time students have access to all the university has to offer. Finally, I have enjoyed getting to know the staff and my fellow classmates. It seems that the staff will bend over backwards simply to help a single student. I also like that the upper-class students were open, friendly and helpful to the first-year students. I have enjoyed my experiences at SIU Law, and I look forward to the remainder of my education here.


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