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Kristen Johnson

Photo by Greg Neise

Kristen Johnson
Class of 2008

"SIU's biggest asset is its small size and personal attention. I highly doubt I would have stayed with a program at a larger school. I really felt like the faculty at SIU cared about my success. SIU not only gave me a great education with practical application, but I also found my best friends, which I think, is also partially a result of the school's size."

Kristen serves as Attorney-Advisor, Division of Land and Water Resources, Office of the Solicitor, U.S. Department of the Interior. In this position she counsels the Bureau of Reclamation on a wide variety of matters concerning the agency's operation and authority. Her work primarily focuses on ensuring new projects are meeting environmental compliance requirements. She was recently a presenter at the 2011 ABA International Law Conference, "Is Water the New Oil? Tales from the Battle Over Transboundary Water Resources in North America".


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