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Kyle Boehmer

Kyle Boehmer, J.D., 2013

Hometown: Dayton, OH
Undergraduate: Business Administration and Human Resource Management, The Ohio State University

What do you like about SIU Law?

I was challenged beyond what I ever thought possible and yet inspired at the same time. I had the privilege to learn from amazing professors who taught me just as much about easements, promises, the MPC, negligence and rule 11 as they did about honesty, humility, integrity, respect and true professionalism. And through it all, what I learned the most about during my 1L year, was myself. After my first semester, my parents asked me, "Well, now that you're halfway done with your first year, how is it?" I replied, "It's pretty tough, but I'm happy." They both just smiled and said, "We know you're happy - every time you called home we could hear it in your voice..." That feeling has yet to go away.


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