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Lawyering Skills Director and Associate Professor Sue Liemer

Where did you earn your law degree?
The University of Virginia, known to the locals as "Mr. Jefferson's university."

What classes do you teach?
I teach Lawyering Skills I and II every year. Some years I also teach Law and the Arts. At other law schools I previously taught Administrative Law, Sports Law, and Advanced Legal Writing.

What are your current research projects?

I just finished a long article about le droit moral, an area of French intellectual property law that protects the non-economic interests of artists. In France, writers, performing artists, and visual artists have the right to have their work properly attributed to them, the right to decide when to disclose their work to the public, and even the right to withdraw their work from the public. The French law also requires the artist's permission before you modify a work, even after it has been sold. My article focuses on the history of how this protection for artists developed in France, in a very different way from the Anglo-American law, which focuses on the economic interests of artists.

What do you wish you would have known before you started law school?

If the professor calls on you in class, and then continues to call on you during that class, you are doing something right. The professor is not trying to grill you; you are actually giving answers that are helpful to the professor for teaching the whole class.
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