Beth Boggs (JD, magna cum laude 1991)

Southern Illinois University



Beth Boggs (JD, magna cum laude 1991)

When 2008 SIU Association Distinguished Alumna recipient and Lifetime SIU Alumni Association Member Beth Boggs came to Carbondale from the Chicago suburbs in the late 1980s, she was met with a complete change of pace that produced a wonderful law school experience.  Like so many of us, Beth thinks the beautiful campus encourages students to take a walk around the lake or even play ping pong between classes.  In fact, she met her husband Darin Boggs (Class of ’90) at SIU Law, and they fund a scholarship for the annual Boggs, Avellino, Lach &Boggs Law School Ping Pong Tournament winner.  Above and beyond the fantastic setting she found to study law at SIU, Beth remembers “the professors were accessible and cared primarily about the success of the students.”  It comes as no surprise that she served as an adjunct professor teaching healthcare law at Webster University and is a frequent speaker and publishes extensively in the areas of insurance and legal/medical topics to continue to grow the profession.

Beth credits SIU Law’s “complete approach to the education of its students” with her success and remains actively involved to make sure that the next generation of Saluki Lawyers have the same or better opportunities than she did.  Specifically, Professor Mark Lee’s expertise in legal reasoning challenged her and inspired her to think like a lawyer rather than focusing on memorization.  While a student, she was able to work in a range of legal environments from contributing to a larger law firm on the defense side to a small plaintiff’s firm.  She also clerked for a judge as an extern and credits opportunities like these with helping her understand and participate in the practical aspects of the legal profession.  Beth elaborates, “The professors and firms that I worked with were very concerned about bettering the community and society as a whole and spoke often about the need to contribute in a broader sense.”  From her active participation in professional groups to her philanthropy, there’s little doubt that Beth Boggs is a force dedicated to improving society.

As managing and founding partner of Boggs, Avellino, Lach & Boggs, Beth and her colleagues prioritize their community impact through several charitable organizations.  While they have helped sponsor Ritenour Co-Care, a food pantry in St. Louis, for some time, she and her husband use a charity they formed in 2005 called Step It Up to help support and feed students in St. Louis’ North County School District by providing 10,000 free lunches and facemasks to students at established locations every week through May because she sees it as the right thing to do.  Previous to the pandemic, Step It Up was focused on providing free socks and shoes to underprivileged children through a partnership with Head Start in St Louis. 

Beth is also devoted to helping current and future SIU students through her active involvement with SIU Law.  In addition to their highly coveted ping pong scholarship, she is a sponsor for the annually awarded Class of 1991 Scholarship and has worked with her husband to fund scholarships for students who publish in local law journals.  A scholarship named in her honor, The Clemens Scholarship, is given annually to a deserving female student.   In 2018, she was the Law School Chair of the Forever SIU Campaign.  Beth and Darin are forever Salukis who change lives not only through their profession but also through their generous contributions to their community and SIU School of Law.

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