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There are two primary places to go online if you are looking for information about legal matters, procedures, and related forms for use in Illinois state courts available without charge. We plan to add links here to informational brochures and forms that are not available from either of those sources, as we are able to do so, but encourage those seeking help to check these sources first:

1. The Illinois Courts website, which includes:

  • Standardized Court Forms (forms approved for statewide use in Illinois courts) including forms and related instructions for use in the Circuit Courts for divorce, eviction, expungement, fee waivers, and other matters.
  • Illinois Supreme Court Rules, including rule governing civil trials and small claims actions (Article II) and Child Custody or Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Proceedings (Article IX).

  • 2. Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO), a source for information and resources including articles, videos, and forms in the following areas: Family & Safety; Housing; Money & Debt; Business & Work; Schools & Education; Citizenship & Immigration; Crime & Traffic; Courts & Hearings.

    Visitors to the site can both browse and search through material by category, can limit their search to the separate forms library, or can use the magnifying glass icon on the main screen to search the content of the entire site.

    Some of ILAO's forms, including those for divorce (dissolution of marriage), are completed online, by selecting between options and typing in answers to questions that appear on the screen.

    Access to some forms may be restricted in some instances (such as restrictions that prevent use of their divorce forms if either party has a military or employment based pension or retirement plan).

    There are many additional materials available to the public in law libraries that are not available online, including tools that make it easier to search for law on specific subjects and materials that help explain what the law means and how it has been applied in different situations. Typically, these materials are not available to check out, but members of the public can use them for study and may copy examples to use as guides. The SIU Law Library is open to and welcomes the public to visit and use its resources in this manner.

    The SIU Law Library is located in the Lesar Law Building at 1150 Douglas Drive, on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, in Carbondale, Illinois. The library's hours are posted here.

    Be sure to check the list of exceptions to this regular schedule before making the trip. Reference librarians are generally available to help you learn how to find and use these additional resources at the SIU Law Library from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m., Monday-Thursday (9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m. on Friday), and it would be a good idea to work with a librarian during your first visit if you have not worked with legal research materials before.

    Note that our reference librarians primarily serve the School of Law's students, faculty, and staff, but also assist the public as time permits. In assisting the public, they can help identify available legal resources that may help a user answer a legal question they have and demonstrate their use, but are not permitted to conduct research for members of the public or interpret court cases, statutes, or information found in other library resources. Our librarians are highly trained professionals, but they are not practicing attorneys, cannot provide patrons with legal advice, help patrons make decisions regarding legal rights and responsibilities, or assist patrons with preparing legal papers.

    For more information about SIU Law Library resources, including reference services, call (618) 453-8708. For general inquiries about the Law Library, call (618) 453-8796.

    For other Illinois law libraries, click here, and be sure to check on hours, public access, and reference service hours before visiting.