Student Profile- Stoddard

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Student Profile - Stoddard

Weston Stoddard (Class of 2021)

When he came into law school, Weston Stoddard only knew one lawyer, so he was a little nervous about his future in the profession. Fast-forward three years, and he earned the Charles Neal Scholarship and the Academic Honors Scholarship, he has completed summer internships at Meyer Capel in Champaign and HeplerBroom, and his peers elected him SBA President, an elected position to advocate students’ interests to the faculty. There’s little doubt that Weston has made the most of his opportunities and attributes much of his success to the support he has received from his SIU Law family.

In fact, Weston’s reflection on his time at SIU Law indicates a sort of magic with which many alumni will likely identify: “If I had to go back in time to when I was considering law schools, I would pick SIU every time. All of our professors are very approachable, personable, and easy to talk to. The student body is very close, and I like that I know most of the people at the school and everyone is very close.”

Weston found opportunities at SIU Law that have changed his life.  As he looks forward to his post-graduation position at HeplerBroom, he will strive to become the best litigator he can be to “build relationships and feel like I am making a difference with the work that I do.”