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Lori Austin


Lori Austin

Office: Room 138
Phone: (618)-453-8766
e-mail: laustin@siu.edu

The Registrar evaluates, develops, coordinates and implements policy within the School of Law, and more broadly, within the University, regarding all facets relating to academic counseling and records administration for students and alumni of the School of Law. The Registrar is in charge of the technological development and serves as coordinator for the software program that is used to manage student data from prospective student status through graduation and alumni status. The Registrar assists the Academic Standards Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Dean on special projects by preparing and providing data for a multitude of internal and external reports. The Registrar is responsible for the determination of Class Rank, Dean’s List, Graduation Honors, and various other academic awards. The Registrar determines Academic Standing status (Good Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal) for all law students. The Registrar performs transfer and visiting student evaluations, audits for graduation requirement compliance, and coordinates dual degree programs and requirements with the Associate Dean for Administration and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  The Registrar approves bar loan applications, loan deferments, and Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711 applications.

The Registrar also oversees the supervision of departmental staff which includes the Chief Clerk, Clerk, and student workers. The Registrar’s Office staff is responsible for managing all academic records for past and currently enrolled students of the School of Law.  The Registrar's Office staff implements the faculty approved curriculum, assists with student registration, administers mid-term and final exams, and provides disability accommodations during exams to students with special needs, processes grades, prepares Dean Certificates and generates transcripts. 

The Registrar’s Office strives to assure a smooth transition from matriculation to graduation and beyond, for students attending the School of Law.