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University Museum

The University Museum has over 2,500 objects in its fine and decorative arts collections, including significant work in sculpture and photography, with an emphasis on 20th century works by regional, national and international artists, including work by SIUC art faculty and graduate students. In addition to its art collection and exhibit of works outside its art collection, the Museum also includes a science collection with over 26,000 geological specimens, and a humanities collection with more than 22,000 artifacts, including significant collections of WPA models of furniture, housing and transportation constructed at the Museum during the Great Depression and a collection of Melanesian ceremonial masks, textiles, pottery, weapons, and tools. Admission to the museum is free. For more information, including hours and exhibit schedules.

Surplus Gallery & Vergette Gallery

Both of these galleries are affiliated with the SIUC School of Arts & Design. The Surplus Gallery at the Glove Factory is located at 432 South Washington, on the northwest corner of Washington and College in downtown Carbondale, with 4,000 square feet of exhibition space. The Vergette Gallery, located on the first floor of the Allyn Building in room 107, is a naturally lit space of over 400 square feet available to students at the School of Art and Design. For more information about exhibits at the Surplus Gallery,the annual “Art Over Easy” gala each December, and exhibits at the Vergette.