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Environmental Law Society

Environmental Law Society (ELS) serves as both a forum for students interested in environmental law as well as a volunteer organization to assist in preserving the local environment of Southern Illinois. Previous years have included forums, hiking trips, canoeing, and fundraisers for students interested in ELS. This is a student-run organization under the faculty supervision of Professor Patricia McCubbin. 

It is the mission of ELS to help raise awareness of current environmental issues as well as to encourage members and the community at large to engage in environmentally friendly activities available in the surrounding area, which help show the natural beauty and importance of the local environment. The purpose of this organization is to encourage environmental awareness and stewardship through community involvement and sharing of appropriate news and research.

Suggested Courses:

Administrative Law

  • Advanced Environmental Litigation
  • Environmental Law
  • Land Use Planning
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Property I & II 
  • Senior Writing Seminar: Energy and Natural Resources 
  • Senior Writing Seminar: Global Climate Change
  • Torts
  • Water Law

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2019-2020 Officers


Vice President:

Berta Brazdeikyte