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IPS | School of Law | SIU

Intellectual Property Society

SIU Intellectual Property Society is a student group dedicated to understanding and debating broad issues of patent, trademark, and copyright law.  We also educate SIU Law students on various opportunities in the area of intellectual property law. 

The SIU Law Intellectual Property Society’s mission is to connect students interested in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law with valuable events and speakers on campus and off.  We are a group of 50-100 members meeting and organizing trips every few weeks throughout the semester regarding all aspects of IP law.

We provide all students with the opportunity to learn about the ever-increasing importance of intellectual property. Not only do IP-interested students get to attend current IP focused events, but we also provide assistance in preparing for careers in IP law.


2018-2019 Officers

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RSO President: 

Keegan Nowlin

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