IP Alumni Reunion & CLE in St. Louis | School of Law | SIU

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IP Alumni Reunion & CLE in St. Louis | School of Law | SIU

IP Alumni Reunion & CLE in St. Louis

Trip Summary by Thomas Sanner, IP Soc’y Alumni Coordinator

The third annual Southern Illinois University Law Intellectual Property Alumni CLE & Reunion took place on April 1, 2016 this year hosted by Husch Blackwell in St. Louis, MO.

All in all we had about 30 people in attendance including our speakers: Nate Bailey, a Partner with Waller Law, who spoke about Patentability Trends with Section 101 Since Alice; Jacy Carpenter, an Associate with Randazza Legal Group, who spoke on the Death of Immoral & Scandalous Prohibitions for Trademarks; Barbara Graham of St. Louis, MO, who spoke on the Post Blurred Lines Copyright Issues for the Music Industry; and last but not least, Mark Jaeger, General Counsel for Jockey International, who spoke about Managing a Global Trademark Portfolio.

Our CLE presenters described a myriad of Intellectual Property issues ranging from the liability of musicians in the wake of the Robin Thicke case, to ensuring your brand doesn’t lose its trademark status by becoming a generic name, all the way out to problems with taboo language in the adult film industry; the last of which was presented by our very own former President and SIU Law Alumni, Jacy Carpenter.

After the CLE, current SIU Law IP society students and IP alumni of the school joined members of Husch Blackwell for a reception with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Current students and alumni enjoyed a sunny view and engaging conversations as those currently in the IP profession shed some light on how to move forward with successful legal career in the field.

Soon after the reception, the group took a short walk to C.J. Muggs where conversations continued and more food was served.

A special thank you to Mark Stallion and Alisha Huls of Husch Blackwell for hosting this year’s event and to all our presenters for putting together interesting and educational material to share with us.