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Student & Family Support Services

Medical Care

Comprehensive medical care services are available to you as a student at SIU, including preventive medicine, mental health counseling, physical therapy, eye care, emergency dental care, and a full-service pharmacy, all at the SIU Student Health Center. For emergency and after hour care, check out this resource, and this resource as well.

Stress Management & Well Body Care

Eating smart, getting enough rest and physical exercise, and taking other steps to manage your stress level is important while you are in law school. For assistance with stress management, nutrition, fitness, and other steps that you can take to maintain or develop a healthy lifestyle, visit the SIUC Wellness Center.

Lawlifeline is a resource for law students providing information about a wide range of emotional health issues, including anxiety, depression and stress. It also offers an anonymous, confidential web-based resource center allowing students to search for information and learn how to go about seeking help if they need it.

LawLifeline content covers a wide-range of emotional health topics relevant for law students in their daily lives. In addition, the site features a Self Evaluator, a confidential mental health screening tool created in collaboration with Duke University to assess the issues for which a student may need to seek help. LawLifeline is a project of The Jed Foundation, the nation's leading organization working to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college students, and The Dave Nee Foundation, which works to fight depression and prevent suicide among law students.

Disability Support Services

Academic and programmatic support services are available for students with either permanent or temporary disabilities through Disability Support Service. Admitted students with a disability who seek an accommodation from the School of Law should immediately contact DSS and inform the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. More information here.

Personal Safety

Don’t just be afraid, do something about it. Night Safety Transit is available for students to locations on campus and to and from your home if you live within the service area; Other safety resources are also available here and other personal safety services on campus can be found at the SIU Department of Public Safety website.

Family Services

Child care services  are available in the community for students with children, and additional family support services are available at the SIUC Clinical Center,  Psychological assessments are available: including learning disability and attention deficit disorder, Speech and language assessments (e.g., articulation, phonological development, voice, stuttering, receptive and expressive language, auditory processing, aphasia, cognitive-linguistic, oral-motor, swallowing) Intakes are conducted for all new clients seeking psychological services. Counseling/Treatment Interventions are also available: Speech & Language treatment (e.g., language, speech, sound production, stuttering, speech reading, aphasia rehabilitation, voice and aural rehabilitation), Individual and group counseling (including child, adolescent and adult), Family and couples counseling and Parent training.

Student Legal Assistance

You can get “free” legal assistance with landlord-tenant issues, City of Carbondale traffic tickets and ordinance violations, credit matters, small claims, uncontested divorces without children, adoptions, and certain other matters as an SIU student at the SIU Students’ Legal Assistance Office. As a student you pay a $6 fee each semester that entitles you to these services and there is no additional charge for the legal services provided. Students are required to pay any court related costs though such as those required for filing court documents. For more information on the types of cases the office handles, see their services page.

Issues/Conflicts Involving Southern Illinois University

Issues concerning grades and other matters in the law school are governed by the School of Law Rules and School of Law Honor Code, as well as the SIU Student Conduct Code. The Associate Dean is your contact person in the law school if you have questions on these and related matters.