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Writing Across the Curriculum

The School of Law is at the forefront of legal education in providing a strong Writing Across the Curriculum program. Lawyers in every type of law practice must express their legal analysis in a wide variety of written forms. Our students acquire strong legal writing skills by practicing those skills in every course in the law school and receiving substantial constructive critiques of their work.

The Writing Across the Curriculum program provides opportunities to use and assess written legal analysis throughout the three-year curriculum. Every course in the School of Law includes at least one substantial writing exercise (other than a final exam), on which the students receives timely and helpful feedback.

Examples of writing assignments include: legal memoranda, trial briefs, trial notebooks, appellate briefs, client letters, opinion letters, contracts, wills, patent applications, leases, legislation, administrative regulations, mediation summaries, investigation plans, discovery documents, closing arguments, jury instructions, judicial opinions, bar exam performance test-type exercises, and essay-type mid-term or practice exams.