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Academic Success Program

Our success depends on your success. SIU wants you to develop your academic skills as a law student and your professional skills as a lawyer. To assist you, we offer programs that extend from orientation through bar preparation. 

First-Year Study Groups

In the fall semester, first-year students participate in mandatory study groups that are guided by a curriculum designed to facilitate optimal skill development. Most students find their study groups are so essential that they elect to continue meeting in the spring and make friends and colleagues they keep for life.

Second-Year Resources

Second-year students are beginning to turn their attention to the bar exam, which they will take after the third year. The director of the Academic Success Program supports students with various issues including course selection and preparing for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) at the end of the second year. The program director also maintains an extensive library of study aids and other resources for students to borrow.

Third-Year Programs

To help prepare students in their third year for the approaching bar exam, the Academic Success center offers various workshops and information sessions. Topics include strategies for the Character and Fitness part of the bar application; taking the bar in other jurisdictions; where you’ll live while studying for the bar, and more.

Taylor Mattis Fellows Program

In this fellows program, upperclass students act as mentors for first-year students, leading study groups and guiding their mentees through the skill development necessary for the rigors of law school.