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Health Law & Policy Program Faculty & Staff

The Program for Health Law and Policy faculty includes Southern Illinois University School of Law faculty—many of whom are cross-appointed in the Department of Medical Humanities in the School of Medicine—and School of Medicine faculty, who hold appointment on the School of Law faculty. 

Health Law & Policy Program Faculty

Jennifer Brobst, Assistant Professor of Law
Cheryl Anderson, Professor of Law
W. Eugene Basanta, Southern Illinois Healthcare Professor of Law Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

Michele Mekel, Adjunct Professor of Law, School of Law 
Marsha Ryan, Adjunct Professor of Law
William Sherwood, Adjunct Professor of Law
Wenona Whitfield, Adjunct Professor of Law

Clinical Faculty

John Erbes, Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Valerie Munson, Clinical Assistant Professor 
Rebecca J. O’Neill, Clinical Professor of Law
Gail Thomas, Clinical Assistant Professor  

Affiliated/Cross-Appointed Faculty

Ted LeBlang, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Law, SIU Schools of Medicine and Law 
Carolyn Pointer Assistant Professor, Medical Humanities, SIU School of Medicine 
Bethany Spielman Professor Medical Humanities, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, SIU School of Medicine
Sameer Vohra, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Humanities and Executive Director of SIU School of Medicine’s Office of Population Science and Policy