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SIH/SIU Medical Legal Partnership LLM Fellowship


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Through the generosity of Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH), lawyers can apply to receive a Master of Laws degree (LLM) in Health Law and Policy from the Southern Illinois University School of Law, while working with Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation as a SIH/SIU Medical Legal Partnership LLM Fellow. The Southern Illinois Medical Legal Partnership, founded in 2002 as one of the first in the nation, is a nationally award-winning rural collaboration, working with over 18 medical partners in 10 counties. The SIH/SIU MLP LLM Fellow will gain an in depth understanding of the policies and regulations that affect the health care industry, while receiving practical experience eliminating barriers to health care by integrating legal assistance into the medical setting. 

2015-2016 SIH/SIU Medical Legal Partnership LLM Fellow


Juliann Morland DaVee

"By combining resources and expertise through medical-legal partnerships, we can enhance our ability to improve the lives and health of those in need. I saw the SIH/SIU MLP LLM Fellowship as an amazing opportunity to continue my work with these partnerships, while building a strong foundation in health law from one of the most longstanding health law programs in the nation. Because the fellow works with Land of Lincoln, I knew this would be a chance to learn from a nationally recognized, award-winning medical-legal partnership. I ultimately pursued this fellowship because, in combination, it offered the education and practical experience needed to be on the forefront of the growing, crucial field of MLPs."

2014-2015 SIH/SIU Medical Legal Partnership LLM Fellow


Keegan Warren-Clem

"What drew me to the SIU/SIU MLP LLM Fellowship was two-fold: MLPSI has a national reputation as an evidence-based practice that leads the field in data collection and analysis. In addition, SIU's Center for Health Law and Policy is one of the oldest and most progressive health law programs in the nation. With its dual goals of enhancing practice skills and creating intellectual pursuits, the Fellowship neatly weds two trendsetters and offers unique opportunities to explore the challenges and advantages of the rural healthcare system."