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Centers & Programs

Academic Success Program

Our success depends on your success. SIU wants you to develop your academic skills as a law student and your professional skills as a lawyer. To assist you, we offer programs that extend from orientation through bar preparation. We even offer bar prep support after you’ve graduated.

Health Law & Policy Program 

The Health Law & Policy Program at the Southern Illinois University School of Law was developed in the early 1980s to advance education and research regarding critical issues in health law and public policy and medical ethics.

Intellectual Property Law 

SIU students and faculty are involved in a variety of intellectual property law courses and scholarly activities. Students may earn a Specialization in IP Law and participate in the IP Semester-in-Practice Program.

International and Immigration Law

SIU students and faculty are involved in a number of international law-related activities, including a variety of international law courses, study abroad opportunities, an Asylum and Refugee Law moot court team, an Immigration Detention Project, and an active student-run International Law Society (ILS), which hosts speakers and programs related to international law.

Lawyering Skills Program

Because the law is changing rapidly, and because the evidence is that the majority of lawyers will change jobs and career emphases over time, today's law student needs both the skills and the knowledge necessary for lifelong learning and professional development. SIU was at the forefront of standard-setting and forward-looking law schools which train students in a wide range of skills required for legal practice.

Moot Court Program

SIU School of Law is highly regarded for our excellent moot court program. All first-year students participate in an oral advocacy intra-school competition as part of their Lawyering Skills class. Second and third-year students can compete nationally in either the Appellate Advocacy division or Trial Advocacy division.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program introduces first-year students to the legal profession and its core values. Future lawyers and those who plan to use their legal education in other fields must develop the traits of professionals.