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Students may earn a Specialization in Intellectual Property Law and receive a transcript notation and certificate acknowledging the completion of the Specialization.  

Semester In Practice

The IP Semester in Practice (IPSIP) is an innovative program that gets students hands-on experience in the practice of intellectual property. The IPSIP program allows students to get academic credit for interning at a firm or organization anywhere in the U.S. -- or world, for that matter. So far, IPSIP students have spent their last semester in law school working in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Southern California, and Nashville. The student has the opportunity to find a placement that suits their interests, working in the part of the innovation or creative industries that interests them most. 

The IPSIP Program is available only to students who have been accepted into the IP Specialization. Students interested in the IPSIP Program should contact the faculty advisor for the IP Specialization as soon as possible to ensure that they plan their coursework to allow them to meet all requirements before doing their last semester in practice. A student can earn up to 9 credits in an IPSIP placement, and it may be possible to earn additional credits that semester by taking distance learning classes.