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Alex Enyart

Class of 2013

Alex Enyart at migrant camp

Class of 2013 member Alex Enyart spent the summer of 2012 working with the Migrant Legal Assistance Project, providing legal services to migrant workers and their families. Alex worked in the southern third of Illinois, but MLAP has service areas all over Illinois. When he found the opportunity posted on, he knew that this was a “one of a kind” experience he could not pass up. This experience combined his love of gardening with his fluency in Spanish to create a great summer experience that he would recommend to any student that “can speak Spanish and has a car.”

While working with MLAP, Alex spent a lot of time in his car, travelling to various areas throughout Illinois, looking for migrant camps, with duties including “outreach to workers at labor camps and farms, intake interviews, case management.” “It was a lot like a scavenger hunt” said Alex of his experience, “while it was hot, the hours were long, and there was a lot of time spent behind the wheel, the thrill of walking up to a house in the middle of nowhere and finding the people you were looking for was incredibly rewarding.”migrant kids with American flag

Alex said he felt that being a student of SIU Law gave him a definite advantage over his colleagues from Chicago who were participating in the program. By being from the area and having an apartment in the Carbondale area, Alex was able to “hit the ground running” and start work earlier while some other participants were searching for housing and orienting themselves to Southern Illinois.

Alex credits his previous participation in SIU Law’s Immigration Detention Project for making his MLAP experience “better and easier,” and making him more competent in his participation.

Alex hopes to take what he learned that summer and carry that into his future career. He hopes to practice immigration and “crimmigration” after his graduation from SIU Law.