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Featured Student Activities

Mariam Mansaray

Mariam Mansaray, Class of 2018 - The African Governance Architecture (AGA) 

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Janae Davis

Janae Davis, Class of 2017 - Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP)

"I told Professor Buys that I had not decided which field I want to practice in, but I knew I enjoyed international law and had a strong interest in children's rights. She suggested immigration law to combine both of my interests." Read more

Natalie Kase

Natalie Kase, Class of 2016 - Legal Globalization: Australia

"I have a much better idea about how to go overseas for work, and I learned about new career paths that I didn’t know existed. I definitely have a road map of where I want to go, and I believe I can get there now." Read more

Thomas Bowman

Thomas Bowman, Class of 2016 - Ireland/Wales 2014 study abroad program

"This study abroad program provided me a terrific opportunity to 'live' in Europe for a month while learning about foreign law." Read more 

Tania Linares

Tania Linares, Class of 2015 - National Immigrant Justice Center’s Asylum Project and LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative

"As a volunteer interpreter, I saw the tremendous impact NIJC had on the lives of low-income immigrants. This was one of the main reasons I decided to attend law school." Read more 

Jessica Jolly

Jessica Jolly, Class of 2014 - San Diego University’s Study Abroad Program to the College of Law London Bloomsbury

I found International Litigation and Arbitration and International Entertainment Law (the classes I took abroad) to be heavily reliant on Contract Law, Constitutional Law, and Civil Procedure. I found that I was well prepared to engage and discuss based on the foundation I received at SIU Law, and excelled in my courses.” Read more 

Alex Enyart

Alex Enyart, Class of 2013 - Migrant Legal Assistance Project

"The idea of working out of my car in the country appealed much more than sitting being a desk in a cubicle with florescent lights" Read more 

Tania Linares

Stephanie Macuiba, Class of 2013 - IALS conference, spring, 2013, Stephanie received the student writing award. Photo courtesy of IALS (International Association of Law Schools)

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