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Legal Globalization: Germany

Students in Germany

Germany & The Development of International Courts

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This course focuses on international legal and political systems with emphasis on Germany. Students spent the first seven weeks of the semester learning about German history, culture, and legal systems, as well as about global governance with particular emphasis on international judicial tribunals. The course considered the phenomenon of globalization and, in particular, its impact on legal systems, as well as the use of international tribunals to address legal issues that have a global impact.

Students and Dean Fountaine (pictured above at Justizpalast München) visit sites of legal and historical significance in Munich, Nuremberg, Luxembourg, and The Hague. 

While traveling, the students visit the famous courtroom where the Nuremberg Trials were held, and learn about the significance and lasting impact that the Nuremberg Trials had on the development of international law and international courts. In addition, the students visit and observe proceedings taking place in the European Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, and toured the Peace Palace, home of the United Nations International Court of Justice and the International Court of Arbitration. The group also enjoyed experiencing European culture during the trip.