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Jessica Jolly

Class of 2014

Jessica Jolly London

Jessica Jolly, Class of 2014, spent seven weeks in London this past summer as part of San Diego University’s Study Abroad program to the College of Law London Bloomsbury (now simply called The College of Law). Jessica became aware of this program after coming across a poster on the international studies board at SIU Law.

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Having previously participated in SIU Law’s Legal Globalization course, which included a trip to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Jessica said she “was set on having more European experiences before graduating.”  During the Germany portion of her Globalization and the Law class trip, she and the other students were able to visit the Documentation Center at Nuremburg, which chronicles in painstaking detail the Nazi movement from its inception to its eventual downfall at the end of World War II. Jessica says she learned so many things while touring the documentation center, including the interesting fact that, during Hitler’s regime, “brides and grooms were given copies of Mein Kampf, which was mass produced, with the intention of replacing the Bible in the household.” While at the Center the students were able to talk to a local professor from the area. Jessica says that hearing what he had to say about the Nazi movement, from a German perspective, was “fascinating.”jessica in london

Further, during the Hague portion of the Globalization trip, the students were able to tour the European Court of Justice as well as the International Criminal Court. The students even had the chance talk to a young woman employed at the European Court of Justice in the Court’s documentation center. Jessica says she was fascinated by this young woman’s job and that experience “opened my eyes to international employment.”

Jessica highly recommends SIU Law’s Globalization and the Law programs, saying “I would encourage anyone who is interested to travel or study abroad. Travel light, eat everything (even if it scares you!), and meet people! Remember to do a little research, and try to travel polite. A little bit of respect for other cultures can go a long way in providing amazing experiences and friendships! Keep an open mind, and be prepared to sleep when you can (including on the train). It's worth it, I promise!”jessica in londoan

Jessica returned to Europe last summer to spend time in London, where she had many memorable and valuable experiences as well, including a tour of Parliament with Lord Phillips of Sudbury, a walking tour of “Legal England,” as well as a tour of the offices of Herbert Freehills, one of the most recognized firms in international arbitration. It was through this tour that Jessica became aware of her interest in international arbitration and now hopes to practice in that field upon her graduation.

Jessica credits her success during her participation in the program to some of the courses she has taken at SIU Law stating, “I found International Litigation and Arbitration and International Entertainment Law (the classes I took abroad) to be heavily reliant on Contract Law, Constitutional Law, and Civil Procedure. I found that I was well prepared to engage and discuss based on the foundation I received at SIU Law, and excelled in my courses.” Upon returning this fall and starting her 3L year, Jessica said, “I have a better sense of direction in seeking my ultimate career. I feel confident setting my sights abroad!”

jessica in londonJessica “absolutely” recommends participating this program, or one like it, to other students. For students interested in studying abroad, she recommends “seek[ing] out those who have taken a similar course, and ask them about their experience. This is often the best way to find great deals on flights, housing, and other expenses.”

Ideally, Jessica wishes to practice in London eventually. She is hoping to build a career in international arbitration and we certainly wish her the best of luck!