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Natalie Kase

Law Student Natalie Kase in Australia

Natalie Kase (Class of 2016) participated in the SIU Legal Globalization and Comparative Law class on Australia in the summer of 2015.

The class met at SIU Law for the first few weeks, then the students traveled with Professor Lucian Dervan to Sydney, Australia in June for a week of in-country activities. Natalie then stayed on in Australia for a second week to participate in the “Law and Medicine Down Under” program offered by SIU Law for health professionals and lawyers.

Q. What was the best part of your experience?  

A.  Aside from petting the koalas, getting to speak directly with practitioners in different areas of international law, such as the lawyers at Baker and McKenzie and at the U.S. Consulate. I learned how they got their start and about their career paths.

Q. How do you believe this experience will help you in your studies/subsequent law school experience or in your future career?

A. I have a much better idea about how to go overseas for work, and I learned about new career paths that I didn’t know existed. I definitely have a road map of where I want to go, and I believe I can get there now.

Q. What did you appreciate most about participating in the “Law and Medicine Down Under” program?

A. Learning about global health law and how connected we are. There are many similar issues in both the U.S. and Australian health systems. I believe that one of the important parts of these types of programs is understanding how much different countries can learn from each other.

Q. Would you recommend this program to another student? Why or why not?

A. I would definitely recommend this experience to other students.You get great career advice that crosses practice areas and you learn travel skills. 

Natalie also offered this advice to other law students: Be proactive. If you are interested in something, take control of your learning and dive in. You never know what you may find. You may reinforce a previous interest or find a new one.